ICO White

ICO White


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Two sides heat sealable, one side treated coextruded biaxially oriented polypropylene opaque white film.


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ICO WHITE – White Pigmented Coextruded Bi-oriented Polypropylene Film

  • White appearance with good opacity.
  • Two sides heat sealable.
  • High protection against light.
  • Excellent ink adhesion on treated side.
  • High resistance to oil, grease, chemical, puncture and abrasion.
  • Whiteness eliminates need of white ink.
  • Rotogravure and flexographic printing.
  • Lamination (in particular low thickness film) both with itself and other film.
  • Single web structure (in particular high thickness film).
  • Horizontal and vertical packaging machine (HFFS – VFFS).

It is recommended that the material is stocked in a dry area with a temperature below 30oC in order to restrain the deterioration of the film properties in general. The film is suitable for usage up to 6 months from the date of delivery.


The film is generally supplied outside treated TO. The film can be supplied inside treated TI or both sides TB depending on agreement with our sales department.


The Film is compliant with EC and FDA regulations. Specific documents and safety data sheet are available upon request.

The above information is the result of laboratory test which are applied on samples from standard production. Since the varying conditions under which our products used are beyond our control, all of the above results are without guarantee and warranty.

Packing - Vertical

** Core Diameter: 152 mm (6″) / 76 mm (3″)
** Outer Diameter: ≤ 550 mm
** Note: ≤ 700 mm – two or more rows / >700 mm – one row

Packing - Horizontal

** Core Diameter: 152 mm (6″) / 76 mm (3″)
** Outer Diameter: ≤ 770 mm

Joints - Number of Joints Per Reel

** Max. 1 for reels up to 580 m O/D
** Max. 2 for reels 580 mm and up

Here you can download the full ICO-WHITE Technical Data Sheet:

View Technical Data Sheet