CEO Message

CEO Message

Dear Sirs,

We have started our business with the ICOPACK Company in 1985 as pioneer in the field of BOPP films production in Egypt after that, we became a group of three companies “ICopack, Egywrap and Copack” with 3 lines. And now we merged to one company COPACK, Our company has moved through numerous stages from its beginning, growth, and expansion. Today, the Group is expanding into global markets. With a clear vision and with a dynamic & well trained team, the Group has managed to have a tough and firm ground in this business in Egypt and in the Middle East.

In our journey to excellence, we have been always competent to face the prime challenge of this millennium which, in my opinion, is characterized by globalization and customer orientation. Businesses all over the world are now ruled by innovation and creation to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

We are and we will always be pleased to be a trustful business partner performing a valuable contribution to empower this field of business and to the society generating real added value to our customers.