Our Policies

Our Policies
  • Upgrading our position as producers of polypropylene films for high quality and safe packaging, in accordance with Egyptian and international legislation in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • Maintain leadership and originality and anticipate the aspirations of its customers by establishing a strong relationship with customers based on mutual trust, integrity and credibility.
  • Dependence on the young elements with high potential, which contribute to the development of the company to meet future challenges and technology.
  • Providing a distinguished work environment and providing all technical, health and training services to all employees.
  • Maintain a clean, non-polluting environment.


  • The top management of COPACK Co. is committed to the Global and local requirements and specifications and international legislation for production of Bi oriented polypropylene (BOPP) with high-quality and safety.
  • We are also committed to adopting appropriate methods and providing the necessary Communication system for internal and external communication that allows continuous improvement and development, and providing training courses for workers to increase qualification, improve performance, achieve customer requirements and satisfaction, and take a great care of the good selection of raw material suppliers to ensure quality and safety And product safety.


The top management of COPACK Co. is committed to the laws and legislation for occupational safety and health, and providing a safe and appropriate work environment to prevent personal injuries and occupational diseases, preventing all sources of danger, increasing the awareness of workers and informing them of their responsibilities towards implementing and respecting the instructions related to occupational safety and health.